CBAN associate membership

Open to those providing fee-for-service, for-profit services to community broadband networks, other broadband-focused organizations, and the public. This could include consultants, legal or financial advisors, engineering firms, major services providers, and equipment manufacturers or sellers.

Who should join: Any company or organization whose products or services can help communities improve their broadband.

Annual general membership dues based on company size:

  • Single-employee companies or sole proprietorships: $350/yr.
  • 2-50 employees: $500/yr.
  • 51-250 employees: $626/yr.
  • Above 250 employees: $750/yr.

Partial-year dues are pro-rated.

CBAN members are not members of the 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Community Broadband Action Network Corp., and have no voting or class rights. Your participation indirectly supports CBAN Corp.’s nonprofit activities.