Broadband Action: the CBAN Podcast

How is it that the U.S. still faces challenges around the adoption and accessibility of fast, reliable, affordable, and universally available broadband? How does broadband access - or the lack of it - impact the lives of those who live in underserved or untapped communities?

Hosts Curtis Dean, Todd Kielkopf, and Jon Willow - founders of the Community Broadband Action Network - take on the issues faced by community broadband providers and advocates, from policy and its real effects on local communities, to the commercial landscape and how technology can help or hinder the drive to digitally connect every U.S. resident to the internet in a meaningful way.

With special guests from across the spectrum of broadband (no pun intended!), expect a lively, roundtable-style conversation in every episode. Who knows? You may even learn something.

The episodes on this page open in Spotify, but Broadband Action is available on many platforms. Choose your favorite below.