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CBAN Digital Equity Program Support

Working for digital equity in your community is an exciting opportunity to form new partnerships, share resources in new ways, and see the long-term, positive impact of your efforts.

CBAN’s digital equity support program empowers communities, organizations, and advocates in their endeavors to create equitable and resilient local broadband ecosystems. We do this by providing hands-on support and guidance in the areas where our work will have the greatest impact.

We help communities to identify and create a sustainable program model to meet their individualized digital equity needs. CBAN can help you discover your champions and resources, understand your residents' needs and priorities, and provide guidance to your broadband action team as they create, deploy, and operate their digital equity programs.

We are proud to have supported communities in their broadband endeavors since 2018. CBAN is also a member of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance's pilot cohort that is seeking to create the nationwide standard for delivery of digital equity programming, particularly in relatively rural areas.

Through this program, CBAN is on the front lines with our own digital navigator in southern Iowa in a three-year pilot funded by a $10 million grant from We have been able to learn from industry experts and policy makers at all levels. We participate in working groups focused on rural broadband, device access, and digital skills, and use what we learn to improve our own work and the programs we support.

CBAN Solutions can provide valuable support in creating and growing a thriving local digital equity ecosystem. Here are some of the ways we currently support communities, and we're adding to the list all the time as the landscape evolves. How can we help yours?

Program startup activities

  • Assistance with defining mission goals and needs
  • Community asset mapping support
  • Support for digital equity-focused team hiring (job descriptions, resume review, interview participation)
  • Broadband team training and support
  • Support setup of subscriptions and equipment acquisition
  • Provision and training, if desired, of client tracking and reporting system
  • Program documentation and forms that can be customized

Marketing and Community outreach support

  • Crafting key messaging to stakeholders
  • Advertising, messaging, media outreach, creation of materials, marketing ideas
  • Event ideas, support with reaching specific populations

Curriculum support

  • Pre-configured Google Classroom
  • Introduction to Northstar Digital Literacy skills training program
  • Other training modules specific to your community needs

Ongoing support

  • Monthly one-on-ones or team calls with key staff
  • Bi-annual program reviews/audits
    • Performance analysis, gaps and challenges, re-examining program goals and activities, etc.
    • Independent performance metrics review and recommendations on strategy pivots to improve outcomes
  • Supplemental training and coaching