What is CBAN?

Better broadband does build stronger communities, but millions of Americans don't have access to fast, reliable Internet.

The Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN) is a member organization of over 120 communities, providers, policy makers, and advocates in 9 states. CBAN was established in 2017 to provide a collaborative educational network forĀ  everyone seeking to create or improve locally-operated broadband access.


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Our Mission

The Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN) believes better broadband builds stronger communities. Our mission is to support community broadband stakeholders in their efforts to improve, promote, advance, and expand high quality broadband access, digital inclusion, and digital literacy for every American.

The Community Broadband Action Network empowers communities to successfully explore and expand local broadband access and adoption by:

  • Lowering sometimes-daunting information barriers through education, coaching, and mentorship
  • Making network construction and operations more viable through the facilitation of information and resource sharing
  • Encouraging new partnerships, both public and private

How we do it

The Community Broadband Action Network is more than a think tank; we are a powerful "do tank," helping communities and solutions providers clear the hurdles that stand in the way of realizing the dream of better broadband access for every American.


Often the best and most creative solutions to community challenges come through an open exchange of ideas among peers. CBAN facilitates this idea exchange through events such as a biannual Community Broadband Summit, local and regional meet-ups, a curated resource library, live and online talks and workshops, Broadband Bytes - our weekly roundup of industry and regulatory news - and through other channels as they present themselves.


CBAN is a strong advocate for improving broadband access for communities and their citizens. We believe that communities should have the right to explore all options for improved access, including community-focused providers and community-owned networks. We serve as non-political local broadband advocates across the spectrum of solutions.


CBAN serves a vital role in supporting local stakeholders as they explore options for improving their broadband services by connecting members to each other and to key resources needed to take action.