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The Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN) is a membership organization made up of over 150 existing and aspiring community-based broadband providers, services companies, and other broadband advocates throughout the United States. Collectively, we support each other, share education, industry news and policy information, and learn from each other's experiences. Most memberships are FREE!

Why Join the Community Broadband Action Network?

CBAN empowers communities to successfully explore and expand local broadband access and adoption through:

  • Education:
    • Digital equity program support
    • Network exploration, construction, launch, and operations guidance for communities
    • Broadband policy insights that affect us all
    • Consistent communication through our Broadband Bytes newsletter and Broadband Action podcast
  • Facilitation: Supporting your work through member connection and information and resource sharing
  • Collaboration: Encouraging new partnerships, both public and private

CBAN membership is free to most members, with the exception of Associate, or service provider, members. Our memberships fall into four categories:

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CBAN members are not members of the 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Community Broadband Action Network Corp., and have no voting or class rights. Your participation indirectly supports CBAN Corp.’s nonprofit activities.


Become a CBAN member and join over 150 existing and aspiring community-based broadband providers, services companies, and other broadband advocates across the United States working for better broadband access, adoption, and affordability for everyone.


Who should join: Any public or community-based entity that has identified improved broadband as a priority and want to play a role in solving deficiencies alone or in partnership with others.

Cost: FREE

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Who should join: Any provider with a demonstrated commitment to community-based broadband open to new collaborations and partnerships, including mentorship of aspiring communities.

Cost: FREE

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Who should join: Any company or organization with a fair, transparent approach to work whose products and services can help communities improve their local broadband service.

Cost: Annual, based on company size

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Who should join: Any person or group that believes all options should be explored for improving broadband service access, affordability, and adoption for their community.

Cost: FREE

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