Community Broadband Action Network Corp., a 501(c)(4) Nonprofit

The Community Broadband Action Network Corporation, an incorporated Iowa nonprofit, formed on November 28, 2021 and operates as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit entity, with our letter of determination issued in January 2023.

The purpose of our nonprofit is to expand our work into activities related to bringing about civic betterment and social improvements through expanding digital equity in rural communities in Iowa and throughout the United States. Its activities are separate from the membership organization, CBAN Solutions LLC.

Its initial Digital Navigator pilot program, funded by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, provides free one-on-one, ongoing assistance to connect residents to affordable internet, devices, technical skills, and the federal Affordable Connectivity Program application support in rural Iowa. Our first planned services expansion will launch in summer 2023, as we partner with Lead for America and AmeriCorps to support Digital Fellows in rural Iowa and rural Michigan.

The Community Broadband Action Network LLC was formed in 2018 as an inclusive member organization of entities committed to supporting, planning, and implementing local broadband solutions and coming together to foster communication, education, collaboration, and action. Renamed as CBAN Solutions, its role is to offer broadband facilitation and education through its various media platforms, live events, and individual and group meetings. Its members are not members of the Community Broadband Action Network Corp., the nonprofit, and have no voting or class rights in that separate entity.