CBAN's Digital Navigator program aims to elevate digital equity in rural southern Iowa.

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Highlights from CBAN's 2023 Spring Forum, "Digital Equity Matters"

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American communities without fast, reliable, affordable, and universally available broadband access face big challenges to their economic development, access to modern education and healthcare resources, and ability to attract and retain residents. Estimates vary, but this critical problem affects up to 30 million people across the United States.

Despite the temporary influx of federal dollars into broadband expansion and adoption, advocates and community leaders who want to solve this challenge are usually on their own to figure out their best potential roadmap. The Community Broadband Action Network (CBAN) can help.

We are a membership organization of over 120 existing and aspiring community-based broadband providers, services companies, and other broadband advocates across the United States.

CBAN empowers communities to successfully explore and expand local broadband access and adoption through:

  • Education: Lowering sometimes-daunting information barriers through education, coaching, and mentorship
  • Facilitation: Making network construction and operations more viable through the facilitation of information and resource sharing
  • Collaboration: Encouraging new partnerships, both public and private


Broadband Action is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Stitcher - wherever you find your favorite podcasts about broadband equity and our changing digital landscape.

CBAN Video Resources on YouTube

The Community Broadband Action Network hosts member spotlights, guests in the news, coverage of key broadband issues and more.  Every video is live-streamed and archived on YouTube. CBAN covers a variety of issues facing broadband providers and advocates, from policy to the commercial landscape.