Everyone needs fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet service.


Broadband: the 21st century's Great Equalizer

With estimates ranging from 14 million to 35 million, too many people across the United States face a common critical challenge. Communities that have identified the lack of fast, reliable, affordable and universally available broadband access face a significant challenge to their economic development, access to modern education and healthcare resources, and ability to attract new residents.

Advocates and community leaders who want to solve this challenge are usually on their own to determine where to start and, once having started the process, where to go next.

Every community has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges, and we believe there are many potential solutions. From FTTP (Fiber To The Premise) to partnering with third-party carriers to offer locally-based broadband access, CBAN and its members work together to help fellow members on their journey to providing affordable, reliable, and fast Internet service to communities across the country.

CBAN’s goal is to provide pathways to broadband success by enabling communities to:

  1. Explore and advocate

  2. Plan and analyze

  3. Design and build

  4. Launch and operate

  5. Leverage and reinvest


Digital Equity: closing the divide

The Community Broadband Action Network Corporation (CBAN Corp.) was established as an Iowa nonprofit in 2021 to engage in the broader community work of expanding digital equity through digital literacy education and related activities.

In 2022, CBAN Corp. was awarded a grant from Google.org through the National Digital Inclusion Alliance to create the first Digital Navigator Corps in the state of Iowa.

Learn more about the Digital Navigator Program.