Welcome our Newest CBAN Members!

Tue, 31 Jan 2023

CBAN continues to grow! We now have over 130 members in 19 states, and 2023 is likely to be our biggest year ever!Here’s an update on new members that have joined the past few weeks!
STS Broadband (Provider Member). STS Broadband is based in Hudson, Iowa and provides fixed wireless broadband service within a 5-mile radius of Hudson. They are working on expanding coverage in the area.
City of Hudson, Iowa (Community Member). The City of Hudson became a municipal broadband utility in 2005 after a successful referendum. While the community has not built a broaddband network, they are currently reseraching what role the City should play in brining better broadband choices to their residents.
MPW – Muscatine, IA (Provider Member). MPW has been providing broadband services to the community since 1998. As one of Iowa’s first municipal broadband utilities, MPW has been a leader in the industry for 25 years.
City of Red Oak, IA (Community Member). Red Oak, a community in southwest Iowa, has been working to bring better broadband choices to residents for the past several years.