John Horrigan

Benton Senior Fellow

John Horrigan is a national expert on technology adoption, digital inclusion, and evaluating the outcomes and impacts of programs designed to promote communications technology adoption and use. He served at the Federal Communications Commission as a member of the leadership team for the development of the National Broadband Plan. Additionally, as an Associate Director for Research at the Pew Research Center, he focused on libraries and their impact on communities, as well as technology adoption patterns and open government data.

For the newly published Reimagining Lifeline: Universal Service, Affordability, and Connectivity, Horrigan led Benton’s research on the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program which provides discounted phone and internet service for low-income Americans. He is a regular contributor to Benton’s Digital Beat blog.

John’s Publications

Broadband Benefit Programs are Helping to Close the Digital Divide

Reimagining Lifeline: Universal Service, Affordability, and Connectivity

Adapting Jobs Programs for Today and Tomorrow

Digital Skills and Job Training: Community-driven initiatives are leading the way in preparing Americans for today’s jobs

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