Fort Dodge Fiber Hosts Customer Experience Training

Fort Dodge Fiber – Iowa’s newest municipal broadband provider – is in the process of building out their network and in May will start hooking up their first customers! As part of their utility ramp up, Fort Dodge has hired Pivot to conduct comprehensive Customer Service Training sessions for their staff, and would like to invite fellow municipals in Iowa to send their own people to the training as well!

Introduction to Customer Experience (CX)
How does creating a great Customer Experience look and feel? We’ll lay the groundwork on what CX means, why it’s possibly the most important trend in customer care, and how every staff member participates in this movement.

  • Basics of CX
  • Employee Experience as a foundational element of great CX
  • Expected experience vs great experience
  • Delivering a positive and memorable experience

Two one-day training sessions will be held on April 12, 2023 and April 13, 2023 at Iowa Central Community College East Campus, 2031 Quail Avenue, Fort Dodge. Each day’s training will begin at 8:00am and end at 4:00pm. Continental breakfast and lunch will be included. With two days to choose from, you could send some of your staff each day so you are not shorthanded.

Cost: $400 per person. Fort Dodge Fiber will invoice your utility at the conclusion of the training.

We’d love to have other municipals participate in this training along with the Fort Dodge Fiber staff. It’s a great opportunity for in-depth customer experience training that would cost thousands of dollars to conduct on your own (Fort Dodge knows -that’s why they are inviting you to help offset the costs!).

CLICK HERE to register your team for Introduction to Customer Experience!

If you have any questions about the training, reach out to me or to Nick Ekel, Fort Dodge Customer Experience Manager,