FCC Investigating ISP’s Exaggerated Coverage


Although it’s not naming names, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reportedly looking into reports that some ISP’s are overstating their coverage. CLICK HERE to see the article at CNET.com.
For some time, industry analysts have suspected that some ISP’s exaggerate their coverage in some areas as a way to block other providers from getting funding to serve those areas. Fixed wireless providers have been notorious for engaging in this activity, but cable and telephone companies have done the same thing, showing coverage in areas where they in fact don’t cover.
While it would be great for the FCC to get to the bottom of this coverage overreporting, the agency is short-staffed and likely doesn’t have the capacity to do a comprehensive job. As long as ISP’s are allowed to make claims of coverage without proof, these sort of shenanigans are likely to continue.