Door County, WI Continues Working to Identify Access Gaps


Door County, Wisconsin (a CBAN Community member) is one of the most beautiful areas in the nation, and has long been a summer destination for families in the upper Midwest. Unfortunately it also has some of the worst broadband in Wisconsin if not the country as a whole. But Door County leaders are not sitting back and waiting for someone to solve their problems – they are taking action.
Jessica Hatch, the county’s broadband coordinator, provided her Board with an update on the ongoing survey being conducted in the county. The latest survey results show the depth of the problem.
  • 37% of survey respondents are unserved, meaning they have no broadband access available
  • 43% are underserved, meaning their internet speeds are at or below 25/3 Mbps (download/upload)
  • Only 20% of respondents have internet service that meets the federal definition of “served”, meaning at or greater than 25/3
  • Only 1% of the county has access to 100/20 – the deflintion of served being used for the new rounds of federal funding
There are 19 municipalities in Door County, but so far only two of them have secured the funding needed to improve services in their towns. When Door County began their efforts last April, it was estimated that it will cost over $130 million to fill the broadband gaps.
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