Capcon Networks Joins CBAN

Wed, 01 Mar 2023

CBAN is excited to welcome Capcon Networks to the CBAN community. Capcon has joined as an associate member.


Capcon Networks provides network planning, sourcing, procurement and project management services to community fiber providers. We support municipalities, coop’s, utilities and rural Internet Service Providers in the pursuit of bridging the digital divide.
Taking on the responsibility of connecting your community to the digital economy is hard. You need a partner. We have the tools, knowledge and people to make connections happen in the most rural communities in the country.
We’ve enabled over 50 Municipal Broadband operators, Electric & Telephone Coop’s and Utilities to connect over 500,000 households and businesses with high speed internet access. 
Primary Services Include: 
Middle Mile Fiber
Connecting metro fiber networks in rural communities to the Internet is in our DNA.
High speed Tier 1 bandwidth and peering.
Long Haul
POP-to-POP Connectivity to connect regional service major Data Centers.
Lease or Buy IPv4 allocations to serve your customers.